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In the past 8 years, Vietnam Vision's main objectives have been financial support in education in the form of scholarships to qualified senior high school and college students in Vietnam.

These students must earn at least above-average grades and are truly in need of financial assistance to stay in school.

As of January 2007, Vietnam Vision has provided 190 scholarships (ranging from $120/year for each senior high school student to $240/year for each college student) in Hochiminh City, Cantho, Nhatrang, Danang and Hanoi. Those students who maintain their grade points above average will continue to receive financial assistance until graduation.


Vietnam Vision also works with orphanages, nursing homes, and hospitals in Vietnam. We have collaborated with other charity organizations to provide financial and medical relief to handicapped children, including the hearing - and vision-impaired, and children with heart diseases, etc.

Our organization has directly provided funding for orthopedic care and surgery for deformed children among thousands severely affected by polio and toxic defoliants released during the war. We have also provided financial relief to the disaster-stricken victims and several orphanages in Vietnam.

Several trips to these project sites have been made by the founding members of Vietnam Vision in the past few years. Our organization is staffed by volunteers from all background who donate their time and/or money, including travel expenses, to the organization's scholarship and humanitarian projects.

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