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More than 30 years after the war ended, Vietnam still remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Millions of children in crowded cities and remote villages receive little or no help for education. Deep poverty is everywhere as the poor are falling far behind in their daily struggle for economic survival. Only education and business development efforts will give them the hope and real opportunities to emerge from poverty and build a better life for themselves in the future. Vietnam Vision, Inc. was founded in the State of California in 2000 as a non-profit entity with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. The founders are a group of Vietnamese Americans and Americans who share a deep concern about the widespread abject poverty faced by students, families and especially by women and children in Vietnam. Our commitments focus on providing direct financial resources and training opportunities for the underserved people to help themselves improve their living conditions and build a better future. Reduction of hunger and eradication of poverty through education, small business training and employment, along with humanitarian assistance to orphanages, constitute the major components of our program activities. Through direct assistance in education and small business development, Vietnam Vision is committed to help the needy people at risk, to encourage them to build a strong foundation for economic self sufficiency, and to contribute towards a healthier society

Hiep Nguyen
Doris Sanders
Hung Nguyen & KV Nguyen

 President  Brandon Bao Bui  Biography
 Secretary/Vice President  Kim Yen Nguyen  Biography
 Financial Officer   Uyen Hoang Truc Nguyen  Biography
 Advisory Board
 of Directors
  Hiep T Nguyen

 Biography- comming  soon


  David M Zeligs  Biography- comming  soon


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